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Ever since DALBO started developing and manufacturing rollers in the mid 1960’s, a lot has happened in agriculture as a whole, and particularly in the roller product category. Today, we are fortunate to have farmers all over the world recognizing our rollers for their innovation, performance and quality. As market demands increase and agricultural trends change, we work hard to earn our position as one of the world’s best roller manufacturers through innovation and testing, improved design and construction, utilizing our vast experience in manufacturing rollers, and most importantly, listening to our customers

Grass rollers
The benefits of rolling. The application of rollers in farming began more than 200 years ago, and was nothing more than simple flattening of uneven soil. Roller applications have come a long way since then, as modern rollers can be anything from a cylinder with a flat surface, through rollers with the well-known Cambridge style roller ring, and to highly specialised rollers with unique roller ring profiles and different machine accessories. Most farmers know about the benefits of pre and post sowing rolling, which helps break up cloddy soil as well as flattening and compaction the surface for reduced loss of moisture and easier and more accurate seeding. Modern rolling is so much more complex, as more and more farmers acknowledge that rollers can be used for post harvest stubble processing, seedbed preparation, full grassland management, and much more.

Knife rollers
New perspectives on stubble and plant residue processing, and the growing opularity of no-till and strip-till methods, has helped conceive and develop one of our most innovative rollers, the MaxiCut. It will help you crush any stubble or cover crop quickly and efficiently, improving productivity and yields.

Seedbed preparation
DALBO was founded in 1948. The company specializes in the development and production of high quality agricultural implements. The core of DALBO´s expertise lies within land rollers, making DALBO one of the largest and most recognized names in Europe. The company is considered a pioneer in soil packers and disc harrows, with stubble and seedbed harrows providing an ideal complement and rounding off the product range. Backed by more than 70 years of industry experience, DALBO intends to remain in the forefront of structural technology and respond to the needs of todays modern agriculture for efficient and reliable machines. We stay close to the market, providing a, flexible production and short delivery times are both top priorities. DALBO products are sold through specially trained dealers and importers located throughout most of Europe and in selected overseas markets. This professional network brings localized service and guidance close to customers.

Straw harrow
Front harrow is a heavy duty front mounted harrow for establishing a "false" seed bed, spreading straw in the stubble and aerating grassland.


Stubble implements

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