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MaxiDisc Standard & Options

The semi-mounted MaxiDiscs are fitted with a HD 600 mm T-ring packer roller. The rings are made from 70x70x8 mm T-steel, facilitating a better carrying capacity and wear-ability. Furthermore the wider T-rings leave a finer soil structure. The MaxiDisc is carried on the packer roller. A very precise depth control is achieved and the cultivated soil is consolidated perfectly. This speeds up the decomposition of plant residues and seeds.

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To reduce the flow of plant residues and soil, it is recommended to fit a set of rubber flaps between first and second row of discs.
Bogie T-ring packer 
Alternatively to the standard roller, the semi-mounted MaxiDisc can be equipped with a bogie-T-ring packer roller. This roller enhan- ces machine stability and creates a finer structured seed bed.
Wheel frame
The mounted MaxiDisc can be fitted with a transport kit.
El-hydr. control 
Gives control over 4 DA functions via 1 DA outlet.
Extra support wheels 
The semi-mounted MaxiDisc can be fitted with an additional set of support wheels. This makes it possible to maintain a very uni- form working depth – also in hilly conditions.
MaxiDisc is just as effective in stubble fields as on ploughed land. The angle relation be- tween the first and second row is easily set by a spindle.
Hydraulic transport lock is fitted as standard.
The semi-mounted MaxiDiscs are fitted with hydraulic weight distribu- tion by using the well known Dal-Bo DUOFLEX system. This incorporates a hydraulic accumulator which ensu- res even weight distribution across the working width of the machine.
In the rubber system the 560x6 mm discs are fitted on individual hubs. The pre-ten- sioned system ensures a uniform working depth in all conditions.
The semi-mounted models are under 3 m wide when in the transport position.

MaxiDisc has a number of extras for example Bogie T-ring packer and seeder equipment.

The mounted MaxiDisc is fitted with a 600mm T-ring roller. The precise depth control is determined by the T-roller which also consolidates the soil. A good contact between soil and plant residues is the foundation for an efficient weed control. The roller is fitted with steel scrapers between each T-ring, which enables you to operate the machine in conditions that are not always ideal.

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