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MaxiCut Standard & Options

Le rouleau est compose de cylindre en acier de 61О х 7 mm, qui peuvent etre remplis d’eau pour augmenter le poids. Chaque section est equipee de 15 « lamelles » de 1ОО mm chacune, pour un diametre total de 81О mm. Le MaxiCut peut travailler entre 18 et 25 km/h et peut donc couvrir une surface de 1О ha en une heure. Chaque element est monte sur un aхe en acier de 7О mm avec des roulements coniques avec double joints d’etancheite.

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For establishing crops the MaxiCut 600 can be fitted with Einböck P-Box Speed.
The roller consists of a 610x7 mm steel drum, which has to be filled with water to give additional weight. The roller is fitted with 100 mm knives so the overal diameter is 810 mm. MaxiCut can work of speeds between 18-25 km/h so an area of 10 hectares can easily be covered in an hour. Due to the high operating speeds and demands put on the machine the drum is fitted with 70 mm steel axles and large taper roller bearings with double lip seals. MaxiCut is a simple yet powerful alternative to a mulcher or topper. It has a high output and will have cost saving advantages due to the relatively low running costs.
MaxiCut is fitted with specially hardened knives, which at working speeds of 18-25 km/h ensures the desired division (and transformation) of the stubble. The chopping is efficiently done by 15 sets of knives that cover the full width of each drum. The drum transfers approximately 1000 kg of weight per metre across the working width. The root of the stubble is kept in the soil minimizing the leakage of nitrogen.
MaxiCut 600 is supplied as standard with 400/60x15.5 wheels.
Maxicut is an implement, which is developed to cope with the residual plants on the surface of the ground, without destroying the roots.
MaxiCut in transport position.
MaxiCut 300 - can be rear or front mounted.
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