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Dal-Bo Depth Control - electronic depth scale
Dal-Bo A / S has developed an electronic depth scale which, via an ultrasonic sensor on the harrow connected to a clear LCD display in the tractor's cab, is able to provide the tractor driver with information about the aggressiveness and working depth of the tines at a Dal-Bo harrow.
The news is launched under the name Dal-Bo Depth Control.
The electronic depth scale in the cabin is intended as a substitute for or a supplement to the mechanical depth scale on the harrow. The mechanical depth scale can sometimes be difficult and strenuous to read under the dusty conditions typically present during the field work. It is even more difficult or impossible to see the conventional type of mechanical scale on the harrow in the half or full dark at the end of the long working days in the season of soil preparation.
With a clear LCD display in the cabin, the problem is solved.
Thanks to the information of the LCD display, the tractor operator can quickly adjust the aggressiveness and working depth of the harrow tines after every turn on the driver and thereby achieve uniform stump handling or seedbed preparation. Furthermore, the driver's ergonomics are significantly improved by the fact that it is no longer necessary for the driver to sit with the body turned around and look backwards to monitor the tines and achieve the desired harvester depth.
Unique advantages from Dal-Bo Depth Control
  • Clear overview of the work of the harrow tines regardless of lighting and dust conditions
  • Highly improved ergonomics for the driver
  • Greater uniformity in soil cultivation
  • Reduced diesel consumption by uniform (not too deep) harrowing
The system will be launched at Agromek 2018 and will be ready for delivery for the spring season 2019.
DAL-BO A/S is specialized in developing and manufacturing rollers and harrows for the agricultural use all over the world. Inside the product range farmers find a wide program for use at private farms or large industrial holdings. Approximately 15 per cent of the implements are sold in Denmark and 85 per cent is exported to more than 40 countries all over the world.
It is Dal-Bo’s intention to continuously develop the product line, so it will meet the customer’s demands for efficient soil handling


With the necessity to optimize the quality and efficiency of the time availably to farmers, the development of rolls, in recent years, has seen a trend towards larger units. For this reason Dal-Bo today manufactures rolls with a working width up to 18.3m.
In 2013 Dal-Bo started developing and testing a new series of Cambridge roll rings, resulting in the new innovative design we introduce to you as SNOWFLAKE. The SNOWFLAKE roll ring comes in 4 different sizes ø50, ø55, ø60 and ø65 cm. The selection of ring size allows the farmer to choose a ring that will best suit their soil and plant conditions.
Dal-Bo’s new SNOWFLAKE roll rings have gone through a series of tests both practical in the field, and also in an especially designed test unit. The new patented design has improved the ring, making it up to six times stronger than existing Cambridge rings. Durability has also been improved remarkably. The major factor of SNOWFLAKE is the new design of the spokes in the ring. The design is based on the crystal of a snow flake, hence the name SNOWFLAKE. The design of SNOWFLAKE is unique and is both product and design protected in Europe.
In addition to that we have started a series of applications for patents all over the world to strengthen the present and future position of Dal-Bo being the leading manufacturer of rolls.
We are proud that the development of SNOWFLAKE has already resulted in the first recognition from an external side; the Committee of Agromek has rated the SNOWFLAKE roll ring with 3 stars as a “New in Europe” award winner.
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